St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Episcopal Crest Diocesan Crest

St. Mary's Episcopal Church Clergy and Staff

  • Rector:
    • Rev. Sandi Mizirl
  • Vestry
    • Betty Mountjoy, Senior Warden
    • Paul Sparks, Junior Warden
    • Jan Boyd
    • Rose Rockson
    • Sarah Jones
    • Marguerite Slaughter
    • Jeff Harrison
  • Treasurer:
    • Susan Tipton
  • Assistant Treasurer:
    • Vacant
  • Registrar:
    • Marguerite Slaughter
  • Parish Administrator:
    • Christine Nagle
  • Minister of Music:
    • Carina Harrison
  • Council Delegate:
    • Dennis Dalpino
    • Carol Cole (alternate)
  • ECW President:
    • Marcia Adams
  • SS Superintendent:
    • Vacant

Our mission statement:

St. Mary's Fleeton Episcopal Church is a community of faith and fellowship; an open and welcoming congregation that is nurturing and supporting of one another. We respect and embrace the various backgrounds and spiritual paths of our congregants and neighbors.

We share our gifts and talents to minister to the needs of our surrounding community as a reflection of God's grace and unconditional love.